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TatbiqIT was established in 2017 as a Kuwaiti company focusing on software creation and solutions. TatbiqIT decided to join the international collaboration after assembling a strong group of experts from several technological fields. Following a series of successful projects, TatbiqIT has proven itself as a frontrunner among innovative software development companies. All you need to do is read the testimonies of our satisfied customers to draw that conclusion. The following is a sampling of the services that TatbiqIT can make available to its customers.


Innovative and unique designs are important components of the software creation process. The department's primary goal is the design of cutting-edge software and web platforms. However, uniqueness by itself is insufficient. Designs should be functional and simple to use for the vast majority of consumers. Professional UI and UX designers enabled the position of TatbiqIT's projects in the elite spot of market technology. You can see some of this department's works like Smiths, Lazurd, Joyful, ... in the below link.

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Mobile Application Development

Everything the design team created and the client approved would be meticulously turned into a mobile application. Thanks to the Flutter framework, the outcome of this department is two versions for iOS and Android that are responsive on all mobile and tablet devices, including iPads.

The below-mentioned companies are just some of the projects we developed with Flutter:

Joyful Boxes (a candy shop in Qatar that sells flowers, snacks, cakes, and chocolates)

Joyful Boxes: Order Cake, Chocolate, and Flowers, mobile app
JOYFUL is a Qatari confectionery store that sells flowers, snacks, chocolates, and cakes. Click to see how TatbiqIT built JOYFUL app.

Lazurd (Kuwaiti business for home-cooked meals, as well as cakes and chocolates)

Lazurd, a Kuwaiti business of home-cooked meals, as well as cakes and chocolates for all occasions, selected TatbiqIT to design and develop their website and mobile application.TatbiqIT designed an eye-catching UI for Lazurd, made it on top chart in Kuwait.

Smith's Vault (the application works as a digital vault, showing live gold price rates and metal prices)

Smiths Vault: Metal & Gold price
Do you need to check today’s gold price rate in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, ...
Flutter, one of the most powerful frameworks in mobile application development
Flutter, one of the most powerful frameworks in mobile application development

Web Development

TatbiqIT has dedicated teams for Web Development, both backend and frontend, in various frameworks and platforms.

Front-End Development

This department has become an expert in web development because it employs several strong frameworks like Angular, React.js, and also WordPress. This department's responsibilities include creating responsive websites, admin panels, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Additionally, this team has recently been working on Next.js, a new React meta-framework. React.js supports a number of frameworks, including React Redux, Chakra UI, and Gatsby. Next.js was chosen because it is a stable framework and is more relevant to this team's work.

Also, Qwik is a newly published framework that this team is working on. No matter how complex your website is, Qwik provides the fastest page loads imaginable.

Web Development
How do software companies develop web applications?
Angular, WordPress, React.js
Angular, WordPress, React.js
Qwik Logo
Qwik Framework, known for fast page loads

Back-End Development

The responsibility for handling anything that happens on the server side falls on the back-end team. Strapi, Dotnet, PHP, Laravel, and Nodejs are just a few of the languages used in our many projects. In addition to the programming language above, they are also working with Django and Python as well on many projects.

One of the special services that this team offers is an outstanding Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) program called Odoo. TatbiqIT will help you during the installation, customization, and deployment of the Odoo ERP for businesses.

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning
Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning

Search Engine Optimization

Even if you have the best website in the world, complete with the best content that has ever been written, it is pointless if you do not have any visitors. The term "Search Engine Optimization" refers to a broad range of activities that should be carried out in order to increase the likelihood that search engines like Google and Bing will locate your website and display it among the results of relevant searches (SERP). At TatbiqIT, we employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance the way that your website appears in search results and to achieve the highest possible ranking for your site. These techniques consist of on-page SEO and external SEO, and we make use of the most up-to-date tools and frameworks to make this process go more quickly and effectively.

Dedicated Teams

Any of the mentioned teams can be yours. When it comes to software development, TatbiqIT can provide other businesses with expert teams to aid them in their projects. Check out how we can help your company with the dedicated team method.

Hiring a dedicated software team rather than a freelancer?
Hire professional dedicated software team, it’s a click away.

If you have any interest in digital and online enterprises or would like to include any technology aspect in your business, feel free to click here. TatbiqIT staff will contact you in 24 hours.