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A dedicated team will speedup your development and product launch
A dedicated team will speedup your development and product launch

Business managers frequently deal with unusual circumstances. One of these circumstances is when one of their teams is working on a project at a certain time and then encounters another project at the same time; as a result, the team is unable to work on both projects at the same time. From the manager's perspective, it is unreasonable to abandon the project or force the employees to shoulder the extra burden of the new project, which causes their low efficiency or even operating loss. Employing Dedicated Teams or Staff Augmentation is the best course of action for a manager in this circumstance.

Teamwork helps building much faster than individual freelancers
Teamwork helps building much faster than individual freelancers

Teams and personnel working on a software project are like gears; if one of them does not work correctly and on time, it will disrupt the project process. Therefore, an organization may employ a dedicated team or provide auxiliary staff.

Companies and organizations can profit from using Dedicated Teams, one of the outsourcing techniques, in both urgent and non-urgent scenarios.

In the model known as "Hiring Dedicated Teams," a corporation gathers a group of specialists in a particular field and assigns them to a specific project. On the other hand, the organization may have a skilled team yet have a shortage of personnel during the project process, in which case the Staff Augmentation approach is appropriate.

If you are a startup in its early stages and you are anticipated to grow, this strategy works for you. It enables you to immediately assemble a team, spend less money on the hiring procedure, and develop products more quickly. You can also use techniques like mentorship and internships to gradually build your own devoted and knowledgeable workforce.

The dedicated team model is suitable for complex and long-term projects that would be expanded in the future.

Complex and lengthy projects typically have the capacity to grow. Sometimes you need a strong team of developers to support you along the way and uncover the potential of your long-term project. With a committed team, you can be sure that the personnel you begin working with will stick with you through the project's completion.

Benefits of Hiring Dedicated Teams

Managers are generally aware of the benefits of this strategy, but to highlight a few shortly, they are as follows:

Saving Money

Hiring a specialized team can be a very cost-effective solution. In the case of working with a limited budget, consider using this method. By hiring a team and contracting out the entire process to a third-party supplier, you can achieve significant cost savings.

The main reason for outsourcing, cited in Deloitte's 2020 Global Outsourcing Report, is cost savings of up to 70%.

Save money and time by hiring dedicated teams
Save money and time by hiring dedicated teams

Saving Time

Additionally, hiring a dedicated team is significantly more economical and time-efficient than having your human resources department recruit and hire individual professionals. This strategy allows companies to assemble a dev team from any part of the world.

Moreover, the development cycle moves more quickly and yields better outcomes since a committed team is involved fully and deeply with a project.

Easy Management

Hiring a dedicated team is to have a couple of professionals selected specifically for your goals. This team is technically your employees. However, you are not responsible for monitoring administrative matters, human resources, or taxes, unlike your company's personnel.

Such teams frequently employ task management and tracking software, which enables you to get a full view of their successes and respond fast when things go wrong.

Focusing more on a specific task or project

When it comes to developing software, having a team that is fully devoted to the project will always produce the greatest results. This may be accomplished through increased attention and absorption in particular activities.

Better cooperation

This model was created with the goal of creating the most collaborative environment possible, based on continual feedback from project managers and the business owner.

Additionally, businesses obtain transparent communication and methods that help in the rapid and efficient completion of their projects thanks to the use of many models (such as Gantt charts and sprints) throughout the course of the work.

Excellent flexibility

Your business will analyze the project and then decide on the contract model and quantity of experts. According to the contract terms, the number of specialists might be increased or decreased as needed throughout the project.

Our Dedicated Teams

Different teams collaborate on the project during a programming project, and your team's precise makeup will rely on your business demands.

Here are the specialized groups TatbiqIT offers:

UI/UX Design Team

The primary goal of UI/UX designers is to identify user problems and attempt to solve them through design solutions. This group is committed to developing an appealing aesthetic, user-friendly interface, and cost-effective custom design.

Software developers

This department is divided into some separate teams.

Front-end Developer Teams

Front-end developers construct the visible element of the product, which includes the external layout of the website and client-side programming.

Mobile App Development Teams

This team performs the same tasks as front-end website programmers but for mobile applications.

Back-end Development Team

The server side of the products is managed by back-end developers. From planning through completion, they are involved in the project and its requirements.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance Specialists

QAs should check the application for errors and bugs at every stage of the software development path. QA specialists bring projects to the market without technical problems. When the quality control specialist confirms that the website or application is of high quality, it is ready to be released to the public.

Project Managers (PM)

They serve as the link between the team and the customer. You might think of them as total client representatives in the organization or team that monitors the project's progress and quality. They, on the other hand, develop appropriate communication and coordination with the client.

From workload and deadlines to assigning tasks to particular project members, project managers oversee the entire process for the team.

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