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About TatbiqIT

What is TatbiqIT?

We are TatbiqIT, a software development company located in Kuwait. This, however, is not exclusive to the people of Kuwait. Utilizing specialized groups of experts, a dozen projects across the MENA, the Americas, and Europe have been developed by TatbiqIT.

What does TatbiqIT do?

Established in 2017, TatbiqIT is a software development and solutions provider located in Kuwait. From the initial concept to the finished product, TatbiqIT has you covered with all the services for software development you might possibly require. Together, we'll create an application or website that gives your business's customers what they're looking for right now: a consistent, enjoyable experience across all of their devices. Your mobile application and website would be an innovation that represents your brand well through the digital world, regardless of whether it's native, hybrid, or responsive.

What are TatbiqIT's Teams?

  • Design: The primary purpose of the department is to create cutting-edge software and web platforms.
  • Frontend (Website): This team is in charge of developing responsive websites, admin panels, and Progressive Web Apps (PWA).
  • Backend: The responsibility for handling anything that happens on the server side falls on the back-end team.
  • WordPress Development: Developing functional websites in a short amount of time for both small and large companies.
  • Mobile Application: developing innovative and eye-catching mobile applications for customers.
  • Project Management: Project managers oversee all aspects of the team's work, from workload and deadlines to allocating tasks to certain team members, acting as complete agents of the client.
  • Quality Control (QC): This team eliminates all mistakes and bugs associated with software development, allowing them to launch the project into the market without any issues.
  • Marketing: Taking care of the marketing-related aspects of your website, like search engine optimization, content creation, design, and technical issues that may arise, for your client's website and application.

Who Are TatbiqIT's Customers?

TatbiqIT has helped businesses in a wide range of industries. We appreciate and embrace challenging projects and welcome opportunities to collaborate with companies whose fields we have little to no prior experience. Anyway, the following groups make up our customer base:

  • Companies
  • Retailers & Wholesalers
  • Online Stores
  • Transportation agencies
  • Fast Food & Restaurants
  • Resource Planning Departments (ERP systems)

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