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Gemini Video is real or fake?!
Gemini Video is real or fake?!

As we mentioned in the previous article, Gemini is a new product of Google, which recently surprised the digital world and artificial intelligence. In addition to its extraordinary and amazing abilities that attracted everyone's attention, the video made by Google itself also caused a lot of talk and rumors about its authenticity. Of course, the initiator of this range of doubts was Google itself, which announced under the published video:

“For the purposes of this demo, latency has been reduced and Gemini outputs have been shortened for brevity.”

You may ask why Google should create such uncertainty about its new product and question its credibility? The simple answer is that we are writing a post in this field and you are studying and researching in this field, which means that Google has been able to attract the attention of the audience, both for and against. This is one of the reverse marketing methods. As you know, this video managed to get more than 2 million views in less than a week, so Google has reached the goal. In this post, we are going to analyze and check whether this video is real or fake. Stay with us.

If you still don't know what Gemini is and what it can do, it’s better to read the following article:

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If you haven't seen Gemini's video, watch it from the box below:

Some of the Fake Incidents

Here, we will examine only a few of the fake incidents in this video:

Rock Paper Scissors

A part of Google's article
A part of Google's article

One of the parts that is doubted is the rock-paper-scissors game with Gemini. At 2:45 of the video, a hand is shown making a series of movements without any words or prompts from Gemini. But the AI quickly replies: I know what you are doing! You are playing Rock, Paper, Scissors.

With a little attention, we understand that this part of the video has several cuts, so it is possible that they have shown these movements to Gemini several times and even asked it, "What game is this?”

It is also likely that Gemini has the ability to evaluate the information in the video with significant power, which would suffice. Because the creators highlighted its multimodality.

In the previous article, we explained about Gemini's multimodality, read that if you have time.

Sun, Earth, and Saturn

A part of Google's article
A part of Google's article

In one segment of the video, the user places three papers in front of the Gemini and asks if it is the right order. And Gemini replied: "No, the correct order is Sun, Earth, and Saturn."

The question is if Gemini was able to get the answer using only this limited data, whether understood it correctly, or if some other questions and answers were removed from the video. Gemini, for example, appears to have been given the prompt, "Is this the right order?" Consider the distance to the sun and respond." Because we must have provided the origin so that the system can recognize the correct sequence based on the distance analysis, and it is unlikely that the system would have recognized the origin without this prompt.

Guess the country

This image was shown to Gemini.
This image was shown to Gemini.

In this part, the user tells Gemini "Based on what you see, come up with a game idea. Oh! And use emojis please"

According to BBC News, the Google blog announced that artificial intelligence did not invent this game at all.

Instead, the AI was given the following instructions:

"Let's play together. Think of a country and give me a clue. The clue must be specific enough that there is only one correct country. I'll try to point to the country on the map." They were read phonetically. The user then provides examples of correct and incorrect answers to the artificial intelligence. After this step, Gemini was able to generate clues and determine whether the user was pointing to the correct country or not.

Gemini did a wonderful job, but the idea that AI created the game is not true; all of the events had been planned for it.

These are only a few of the defects in this video; for more information and to review more cases, you can read Google's own blog about the Gemini here:

How it’s Made: Interacting with Gemini through multimodal prompting
Explore the capabilities of our AI model Gemini with this hands-on guide to multimodal prompting.


Finally, we must conclude that it is impossible to determine whether this video is genuine or not. However, as Google has pointed out, this video is an ideal example of Gemini's abilities, which the creators intend to achieve by improving and accelerating its functions in the final versions, and they have shown an example of their dreams rather than the pure truth.

Based on the facts and claims, we may conclude that the instructions in the video are not all of the prompts given to Gemini. It is undeniable that Gemini required additional information to achieve these results.

But, to be fair, this skill level is remarkable, even if it does not correspond to Google's claim. As previously said, Google's smart advertising maneuver caused fans to benefit from these features and opponents to test Gemini more and more, demonstrating Google's strength rather than its weakness.

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