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Lawazm, was already working based on WordPress platform but it was not working smoothly. The product owner intended to have an application based on their current platform. Optimizing the current WordPress platform and adding APIs as an application backend was a great challenge. Another challenge was adding analytics system to their current system and also creating a synchronizer between their ERP system and their Website/Application.



With over 5000 high-quality products, the Lawazm application's UX had to be quick and simple. TatbiqIT has tackled all the challenges and gone to considerable efforts to guarantee that their Lawazm application is not only quick and simple to use, but also secure and reliable.


Easy UX

We moved the main functions to the lower tab bar to make it easy to use with one hand.


Stylish app

This application has been designed with the latest design trends and has provided an excellent environment for the user.



This application can be used in both Arabic and English

Lawazm application download

You can download Lawazm application or visit its website from here: