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TatbiqIT POS WordPress Plugin
TatbiqIT POS WordPress Plugin

It's crucial for businesses to keep track of what they sell, how much they sell, how much is remaining, and when to restock the warehouse. When a business offers online purchases, tracking even becomes more difficult. TatbiqIT WordPress POS Plugin is a platform that offers a solution to these problems.

TatbiqIT POS Plugin for WordPress
TatbiqIT POS Plugin for WordPress

What is TatbiqIT POS?

TatbiqIT POS is a single-page Plugin that you can upload to your WordPress website. This POS plugin was developed using the most recent technologies, and it meets all business requirements. This plugin lets you keep track of your business and warehouse, whether you run an online store or both an offline and online business.

TatbiqIT POS WordPress Plugin
TatbiqIT POS WordPress Plugin

The Angular framework, appropriate for managing heavy and large data streams throughout the application space, was used to develop this POS plugin.

Why TatbiqIT POS?

Why should I use TatbiqIT POS instead of any other POS? you may wonder. The facts listed below provide the answer to this question.

  • Revenue Management
  • Easy to Setup
  • Multi-Currency
  • Compatibility
  • Cross-Platform
  • Inventory Management
TatbiqIT POS Plugin on POS System
TatbiqIT POS Plugin on POS System

Revenue Management

TatbiqIT developed this point-of-sale to divide the reports into each outlet (for businesses with multiple counters) and each store (in the event that the operation is a chain store). You can control your business's revenue by getting thorough reports from each store and outlet.

Easy to Setup

On your WooCommerce website, you can quickly install the TatbiqIT POS WordPress plugin. For TTQ POS to be used, all you need to do is specify the branches and the outlets. This plugin automatically syncs all of your website's categories and items after you add this plugin to your WordPress Website.

Checkout Demo:



The TatbiqIT POS plugin supports multiple currencies, and you can quickly switch to the one you prefer. By changing the currency to your local currency and linking different payment methods to your WordPress website, the TatbiqIT POS plugin adds them to its interface, and all of the POS outlets work with those you have determined.

TatbiqIT POS syncs your WooCommerce Payments
TatbiqIT POS syncs your WooCommerce Payments


TatbiqIT's WordPress POS plugin was created with a user experience (UX) that supports a majority of product categories. No matter what kinds of products your company sells, including simple, variable, group, and bundle products, our WordPress POS plugin supports them all.

TatbiqIT POS Plugin is compatible with any type of products
TatbiqIT POS Plugin is compatible with any type of products


This fully responsive plugin enables you to utilize it on various platforms, including your PC, POS system device, and even (although uncommon) a mobile phone.

Inventory Management

This WordPress plugin links your stock to your online and physical stores, as previously mentioned. Just sync it, and TatbiqIT WordPress POS Plugin will do the rest.

the detailed cash flow in the cash drawer
the detailed cash flow in the cash drawer

These are some benefits that this TatbiqIT WordPress plugin provides to your business.

By clicking here, you can see a demo of TatbiqIT POS Plugin.

And also, you can see a review of TatbiqIT POS on our YouTube channel.

Additionally, our clients Smiths and Lazurd use the TatbiqIT POS Plugin for their companies. To find out what they think of that, read their testimony.

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