Delicious, Confection, and Collection


The word “Lazurd” is derived from the semi-precious stone called ‘Lapis Lazuli’. This stone’s beauty, and unique deep blue colour, distinguishes it from all other stones- including precious ones.

Web, iOS & Android


Website, Mobile application, UI, UX


Lazurd is a Vast Company whose primary job is to sell confections. We have worked with Lazurd for some years and the result of these few years was developing a POS, and customization of POS for all of its 8 branches, the Lazurd website, FourC app, and the admin panel. At first, they needed in the POS a report dashboard for sale, orders, and sale report. But there was another challenge with the page weight and its lags.

Lazurd application download

You can download Lazurd application or visit it’s website from here:

Satisfy all user needs

In addition to all the features of a powerful eCommerce app, this program allows the user to choose the delivery time

Stylish eCommerce app

This application has been designed with the latest design trends and has provided an excellent environment for the user.


This application can be used in both Arabic and English