Kuwait Food Index


A website to serve as a service center to the vendors who registered for accreditation and a portal for admins, supervisors, and inspectors who worked for the site.

Web, iOS & Android


Website, Mobile application, UI, UX


All the site clients were vendors who owned or operated restaurants, coffee shops, and fast foods. Our biggest challenge here was establishing and maintaining a reliable network that defines the relationship between vendors, supervisors, inspectors, and administrators. All is done both for the website and mobile application to ensure real-time participation.


Our solution was a complex dynamic form scheme that enabled the administrators to modify the inspection process and questionnaires as required. This was a state-of-the-art workflow design that is implemented by just a handful of web developers worldwide. An app was designed for the supervisors and the inspectors to log in and have their data in place.

Meet the needs of the supervisor

This app allows supervisors to control the inspections of inspectors and make future plans.


Inspectors will see their assigned inspections and can inspect them through their application.


This application can be used in both Arabic and English