Cake & Flower shop application


Joyful is a Qatari confectionery store whose job is to sell flowers, snacks, chocolates and cakes.

Web, iOS & Android


Website, Mobile application, UI, UX


The main challenge of this project was the feature of product customization, which means a user can manipulate his own product. Our client’s concern about the safety and the time of the delivery made us another challenge, to develop another app for the drivers.

Joyful application download

You can download Joyful application or visit it’s website from here:

Gift delivery

The user can send their customized product as a gift. For example, suppose they give you an entirely personalized cake and bouquet as a gift. It is lovely.

Delivery time

The time, place, and person receiving the order can be changed according to the user’s taste.


This application can be used in both Arabic and English