Auction platform


The product owner was looking for a missing piece in auction platforms.

iOS & Android


Mobile application, UI, UX


Previously, some auctions were held through Instagram live, which had many flaws and shortcomings. So they decided to create a platform specially designed for the auctions.


After a series of meetings and long hours of discussion, the team managed to design a platform supporting multiple auctions such as timed auctions, reverse auctions, private auctions, etc. Since online auctions are a relatively new trend, the product owner had to negotiate the process with the Kuwaiti central bank to meet the anti-money laundering acts requirements. The designed platform also supports a wide range of customizations for each auction. Not only can they change rules but also the appearance can be modified utilizing different themes for their auctions.

Easy UX

We moved the main functions to the lower tab bar to make it easy to use with one hand.


It is possible to rent a playground and buy tickets for the game city through the app


This application can be used in both Arabic and English